Zdrowotne właściwości masażu

Massage is one of the oldest forms of treatment, known already in antiquity. People have known for a long time the positive effects that proper compression, massaging or hitting specific muscles can bring. Properly performed massage, apart from the resulting pleasure, can bring relief from headaches or muscle pains.

There are various forms of massage that can affect a number of ailments, not only painful ones. There are massage techniques that lead to real weight loss or cellulite reduction.

Massages also have a very positive effect on mental problems. Appropriate treatments can significantly reduce stress and cure insomnia. In this respect, it is a very good alternative to pharmacological treatment. If, in delicate matters such as sleep problems, it is possible to avoid taking medication, then it is worth considering.

Such a massage can be performed in virtually every major city. If we live in Małopolska, Krakow, for example, will be the perfect place for a massage .

The effect of massage on the body

How is it that working hands can heal so many problems? During the massage, many processes are stimulated in our body. The blood vessels begin to dilate, which increases blood flow. As a result, the skin and muscles are better oxygenated and nourished.

The lymphatic vessels are also positively stimulated. This translates into a better circulation of unnecessary substances and better cleansing of the body. Edema is absorbed faster. In a word, the body significantly speeds up the self-healing process. Both masseurs in Krakow and those in other cities in Poland know about it.

Who can do massage?

In many relationships, a partner’s back massage is something that is practiced from time to time. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as he is not too aggressive and strong. Inadequately done can do more harm than help.

If we need something more than just a moment of intimacy with a partner, then we should look for a professional masseur who can prove his skills with an appropriate diploma. If we want to perform such a massage, Krakow will certainly be a good choice, because there are plenty of professionals there.

What type of massage to choose?

Aktualnie dostępnych wariantów masaży jest bardzo wiele. Standardową opcją jest masaż szwedzki, który polega na lekkim uciskaniu oraz długich i posuwistych ruchach wykonywanych rękami. Nieco bardziej intensywną formą jest masaż tkanek głębokich. Opiera się on na nieco mocniejszych uciskach, które pozwalają zwalczyć chroniczne napięcia.

Inną ciekawą formą masażu jest masaż gorącymi kamieniami. Ich wysoka temperatura ma za zadanie pobudzać krążenie krwi, przez co znacznie potęguje pozytywne efekty masażu.

Z kolei masaż shiatsu opiera się na japońskiej technice masowania. W celu redukcji napięć masażyści korzystają nie tylko z rąk, ale także z łokci, kolan czy stóp. Ciekawa propozycja dla osób szukających mniej typowych doznań.

Another eastern technique is Thai massage. It focuses mainly on stretching the muscles, not pressing or massaging them. It helps in the fight against pain and gives the body more flexibility.

It is impossible to clearly answer the question of which of these methods is the best. It is worth consulting a professional who will advise us what form of massage to choose or specific ailments. Then its effects will be the best for us.

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