Implanty zębowe – skuteczny sposób na piękny i zdrowy uśmiech.

Dental implants have a very good effect on the health of the oral cavity and the aesthetics of a smile. It is a modern and at the same time extremely effective form of treatment of dental cavities. So if a given patient struggles with the problem of gaps in the natural dentition, he should consider this type of solution. Implantological treatment has many advantages, so what is worth knowing about it?

Why are dental implants such a popular and willingly chosen form of treatment of missing teeth?

Reconstructing the conditions in the mouth is very important because it affects not only our appearance but also our health. Missing teeth may, in fact, contribute to the deterioration of diction, overloading the digestive system (due to poor chewing quality), bone loss, displacement of adjacent teeth and malocclusion. Dental implants are a solution that will comfortably help us with problems with missing teeth. Importantly, such a solution can be used both when one tooth is missing and when there are more such deficiencies. Dental implants are distinguished by their high functionality and aesthetics. It is impossible to distinguish them from natural teeth. Thanks to them, our smile can be beautiful and healthy again. Dental implants have a very positive effect on improving the quality of life of patients. It is a durable and reliable solution that is definitely worth considering. Many patients also appreciate that implantological treatment is safe, quick and does not affect healthy dentition. We also do not have to worry about pain during the implantation procedure, because it is performed under local anesthesia.

What else is worth knowing about implant treatment? Where in Krakow can we use this type of service?

Dental implants perfectly replace the natural roots of the teeth. They are biologically neutral for our body. They look like small screws. The insertion of implants consists in screwing them into the bone of the jaw / mandible. A prosthetic casing, most often in the form of an all-ceramic crown, is mounted on such implants. It is very important to choose a good dentist’s office with experienced specialists in this field for implantological treatment. Professional treatment has a great influence on the end result. It is therefore worth knowing that we can benefit from modern dental treatment in the field of implants at the Indexmedica clinic. It is a very good solution for all those patients who are interested in high-quality implants in Krakow. Importantly, at Indexmedica, we can use computer-based implant-prosthetic treatment planning. Three-dimensional reconstruction and virtual simulation of implants make it possible to reduce surgical intervention to a minimum. The clinic also performs Guided Bone Regeneration procedures, thanks to which dental implants can also be used by those patients whose amount of natural bone would be insufficient for implant placement.

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