Jak wyleczyć zapalenie spojówek?

One of the most common eye conditions that can occur is conjunctivitis. It is manifested by itching and watery eyes, which is a sign of inflammation in the mucosa. We present how to heal an eye.

Conjunctivitis is not serious

The conjunctivitis itself is a relatively harmless infection, but it can make life very difficult. The conjunctivitis itself may result from, among other things, rubbing the eye with a dirty hand or sustaining a minor injury. This is enough for the conjunctiva to come into contact with the pathogenic pathogen and inflammation develops in the eye. Conjunctivitis can be caused by various causes, but the course of the disease itself and its symptoms are usually quite similar.

Types of conjunctivitis

The types of conjunctivitis are primarily due to the type of source causing it. They can be divided into the following.

Simple non-infectious inflammation

It is the most common type of conjunctivitis. This type of infection can have many different causes. Strong wind, harsh sunlight, dust or irritating vapors can cause ignition. Sometimes such inflammation also causes mechanical irritation or a poorly treated vision defect.

Viral conjunctivitis

The cause in this case is a viral infection. In this case, the eye is clearly bloodshot, and there is also conjunctival edema and severe lacrimation. This type of conjunctivitis often affects people who are just having the flu or a cold.

Bacterial conjunctivitis

This inflammation is caused by bacteria. The characteristic symptoms are purulent discharge, visible swelling and redness of the conjunctiva.

Allergic conjunctivitis

This type of inflammation manifests as itchy, burning, and watery eyes. This ailment often occurs in people who are allergic to inhalation allergens, preservatives and certain medications.

Fungal conjunctivitis

It occurs most often during antibiotic therapy or when using steroids. Symptoms include slight watery eyes and eye pain.

Chlamydial conjunctivitis

Such an infection is practically always venereal and is relatively non-existent. It manifests itself as hyperemia and swelling of the conjunctiva, and there is mucopurulent discharge in the conjunctival sac itself.

Infection with conjunctivitis

The risk of contracting conjunctivitis depends on the type of conjunctivitis. In case of inflammation caused by allergen or mechanical irritation, it is not possible to become infected. However, if viruses or bacteria are responsible for the inflammation, infection is very likely. In order to avoid contamination, it is therefore necessary to limit contact with the sick person, wash hands frequently, avoid using the same objects, do not use the same contact lenses and do not use the same cosmetics. Thanks to this, it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of infection.

Ways to treat conjunctiva

Treatment of the conjunctiva can be done with the help of pharmacology. In the case when the symptoms are long and very bothersome, it is best to go to an ophthalmologist who will conduct appropriate tests and, on this basis, determine the effective treatment of the inflammation. Until the visit, you can use moisturizing eye drops, which will reduce discomfort and effectively moisturize the mucosa. It is best to choose preparations that will not contain preservatives.

With bacterial inflammation, antibiotic drops, ointments or tablets are most often used. Treatment is aimed at alleviating symptoms and shortening the duration of the disease. The duration of treatment may vary from a few days to several weeks.

In the case of allergic inflammation, it is first of all necessary to limit contact with the allergen and wash the eye. Antihistamines can help with itching and burning.

You can also support yourself with home remedies to relieve symptoms. For example, you can use cool compresses to reduce swelling. Washing the eye with an infusion of firefly herb will also bring relief.

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