Relaks po pracy – 5 skutecznych sposobów

Staying in one position for a long time, badly positioning the chair, or inappropriate positioning of the desk mean that more and more people can notice spine problems. We exercise little, we avoid movement, and we spend our free time staring at the screens of phones or computers. On top of everything else, we mostly work sitting down, often spending much more than 8 hours in front of the computer. We forget about breaks and follow a bad diet. All this makes us feel worse and worse, and not only our eyesight, but also our spine suffer. After a hard day’s work, it is worth relaxing, not in front of the TV or computer, but actively. How to break away from your daily duties? How to strengthen our spine and take care of our eyesight? These are our patents for active recreation. 

Active recreation – take care of yourself!

Active Recovery can be defined as light physical activity that is less intense than regular training and may include massage or exercise training. It increases the circulation of lymph, blood, amino acids and oxygen throughout the body, allowing it to regenerate better and faster, without overloading and straining the muscles. Active regeneration can also flush the body’s chemical by-products, such as lactic acid and hydrogen ions, that can damage and tire your muscles. Also, by letting your brain take a break from regular training, you are giving it time to rest.

Here are some ways to combine training with effective recovery:


Yoga can improve your flexibility, balance, and control while increasing blood flow to your muscles.

Outdoor training

Training outdoors can lighten your mood, while rugged terrain can slightly challenge different muscle teams and improve your glutes, core, and ankle strength.


This little exercise can improve circulation to the lower body and improve cardiovascular health without putting too much stress on your joints. Try cycling outdoors or try a stationary bike at home and pedal to your favorite music.

Lighter weight – weight lifting

Avoid applying pressure by lifting weights at or below 30% of standard weights and doing one set less. This is a great way to improve your lifting form and increase blood flow to your muscles.


It may be a throwback, but inline skating can affect your brain and motor skills, challenge different muscle groups, increase blood flow and circulation, and help keep your heart healthy.


Training in the water releases tension and pressure in your joints while helping to promote circulation to the muscles, heart and blood vessels.

Tai chi

Tai chi is based on defensive martial arts movements. Not only does it help improve strength, balance, and control, but its slow, meditative movements can help your mind and body recover from the stresses of intense training and everyday life.

To take care of yourself not only after work, but also to support the body after training, it is worth equipping yourself with professional devices, such as a Beurer massager . Highlight your natural beauty and buy a nail care kit . The daily preparation will be facilitated by the Philips automatic curler.


Remember that your active recovery session is intended to heal your body, not to influence it. Do not overwork and enjoy the exercise every day!

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