Czy szczepić się na pneumokoki?

Vaccination against pneumococcus has been on the list of compulsory vaccinations for several years, given to children from six weeks to two years of age, as well as to children up to five years of age, who are in the risk groups specified in the Immunization Program. The decision to add this vaccine to the mandatory vaccination list was due to the increase in the incidence of the so-called invasive pneumococcal disease, which can lead to many very dangerous health complications, and in the most severe cases even death, observed in recent years.

However, pneumococci are not only a threat to children. They are also particularly dangerous for the oldest patients, especially those struggling with chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases or liver diseases. Certainly, regardless of age, it is worth checking the condition of your body regularly and taking care of strengthening your immunity. Many medical institutions offer comprehensive examination programs aimed at various age groups, which facilitate the verification of health condition and planning possible prophylaxis or treatment. In the event of temporary financial problems, paying for such research can be facilitated by a quick loan .

Why are pneumococci so dangerous?

Pneumococci are bacteria that are transmitted by airborne droplets. So sometimes just talking or being in the presence of the host person is enough to become infected. In most cases, pneumococci attack the upper respiratory tract, causing inflammation of the pharynx, bronchi, paranasal sinuses, or middle ear, and in slightly more severe cases, also pneumonia.

A much worse form of pneumococcal infection, however, is invasive pneumococcal disease, which occurs in many ways. In the most dangerous situations, it leads to bacteremia, pneumococcal sepsis, meningitis and even brain abscess, as well as pericarditis, pleurisy and peritoneum.

Is pneumococcal vaccination worth it?

The answer to the above question is: definitely yes! Vaccination against pneumococci is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and systematically added to the group of common preventive vaccinations in other countries around the world. Studies have shown that due to the growing popularity of these vaccinations, the number of hospitalizations related to pneumococcal respiratory tract infection has significantly decreased. There are also significantly fewer complications caused by this pathogen.

In Poland, vaccination is fully reimbursed only in the group of the youngest children. Older children, adolescents and adults can take advantage of the paid version of the vaccination. If temporary financial problems stand in the way of vaccination, a quick loan can help .

Take care of immunity

By vaccinating against pneumococci, we not only increase our own immunity, but also contribute to the strengthening of the so-called population immunity. This is of particular importance in the situation of the current coronavirus pandemic, as it may indirectly translate into a reduction in the number of infections.

It is worth investing in building and strengthening resilience, as it is a strategy that will always bring positive results in the long term. In the absence of adequate financial resources to take advantage of vaccination, it is worth considering the possibilities of a quick loan.

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